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Google Places Optimisation

Google Places for Business listings has been shown as a percentage of the organic results since the end of 2010. This has occurred when people search for businesses and careers within certain areas. Google users want trustworthy local companies and so the actual results produced on Google based on the trust-score for each company. Google users are now far likely going to click on a Google Places listing as opposed to a regular search result. This is due to the amount of Google Places listings on the results page and so now they are more inclined to trust these sources. This means that companies need to optimize their page towards Google Places instead of traditional website optimisation. It is now clear that Google Places is the best method to gain new customers via the internet as it is very cost effective compared to regular advertising.

Google Places combines Google Maps technology with local business listings which has produced a business directory which out matches even the biggest business directories such as YellowPages. Google handles about 80% of the searches for resident businesses which is around 40 times larger than the total capacity of sites such as YellowPages. Google users are now most likely going to click on Google Places because these results have been filtered into the regular results and so it is integral that companies list themselves under Google Places. Google is the easiest tool on the planet to search for a local business. Google users assume to see local business listings as a large portion of their search results.

It’s possible to get more than first page listings which create a larger awareness for companies. It’s important that your company uses Google Places Optimisation because there are thousands of companies who are already thriving off new customers. Searchers trust Google Places and so by not having Google Places, your company is missing out on new clients. Your company can save lots of money on advertising because Google Places Optimisation is a low cost alternative method which actually generates more business than the traditional advertising.

Optimizing a Google Places listing is not easy. In fact, optimizing a Google Places page can be time consuming, frustrating and demanding get running. Making a mistake in the setup can take months of hard work to make your page appear back in the top 7 results.

By becoming our customer you will have ensured that your website will feature prominently on Google Places. This will guarantee your company more customers and will make your company reach its potential.

Search Engine Optimisation

As an owner of a business, you know that many that there an ever increasing amount of people using the internet to find services and products. You have to realise that your company being found online is essential for long term gains.

Our website meets Google Quality Guidelines and ensures our client’s websites are primed to beat their competitors. Our staff are all Search Engine Optimisation specialists and Google Places Optimisation. Our methods are proven and we can produce maximum returns for your company. If you want your company to exceed your expectations, get in contact with us today and see how we can help your business on the internet.

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