Website Leasing

Starting a business but just can’t afford to pay the large capital costs? Or it’s just too difficult and too tedious to set up a website when you’re too busy with day to day tasks? Why not lease out a website and leave all this work to the professionals. With an enormous amount of customization available, your company has the freedom to have a personalised website which is not only cheap but will be monitored as well.

First Local Search ensures that your website will be propelled to the top of the search engines by making sure your website is optimized to give you massive amounts of leads. There are thousands and thousands of people wanting your service or product and so we ensure that your website will be up the top of the search results. First Local Search makes sure that your company’s webpage is exactly how you envisioned it to be and more. We set up your website to ensure that imperative key words relating to your company are embedded in the website, to make sure that your company is easily searchable.

First Local Search provides website optimisation which promotes your company as well as keeping your website up to date. What this means is that not only do you not have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to set up your website, your company is always positioned to constantly gain new customers.

First Local Search is the only way to lease a first class website! Why not do so today?

Google places optimisation

Want your business to gain new customers? Google Places is rapidly becoming the only method to promote your company. Million upon Millions of people use Google to search for information relating to local businesses. If you want your business to be at the top of the results page then you need to use Google Places Optimisation. First Local Search ensures that your company’s webpage appears on the first page of results. With this, your company will generate new customers in no time.

First Local Search specialises in web design and search engine optimisation. We personalise everything to you and your companies taste. First Local Search specialises in Google Places optimisation for small and large companies. We ensure that all of clients have a positive and sustainable online presence. We are the experts in our field and realise that every company has different needs. We know that we can help anyone drive their company to the top of the results page and by doing this create a truckload of new traffic to your company’s webpage.

Did you know that the first ranking position in the search result receives 60% of all click-through traffic. This statistic means that it’s absolutely essential to have your company appear in the first page of results or else it simply won’t be viewed. Therefore every website needs Google Places optimisation to ensure there is constantly traffic viewing your company’s webpage. First Local Search does this and ensures your company goes right to the top of the searches! Why don’t you use our services today and give your company an edge over its competitors!

IT Solutions:

  • Design and launch user-friendly, conversion-focused websites that immediately appear in Google’s natural search results
  • Develop custom CRM and CMS systems to streamline sales and help businesses effectively communicate with their customer base

Natural Search Optimisation

  • Research competition, identify keyword opportunities and determine a governance strategy for the search market
  • Assess site architecture and create content to improve user experience and search engine visibility
  • Use off-site publishing to increase relevance, brand authority and search engine positioning for commercially-driven search terms

Paid Search Optimisation

  • Optimise ad grouping, timing, keyword match types and geo-targeting to reduce paid advertising spend and improve the efficiency of your campaign
  • Rewrite ad copy for increased clickthrough rate, customer profiling and sales conversion

Local Search Management

  • Create and manage business listings and details across multiple local search platforms and portals
  • Report on impressions, traffic and sales accountable to local search presence
  • Respond to user reviews and encourage a positive experience of your brand and business

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"A friend of mine told me it would be a good idea to use SEO to gain new clients. I had no idea what that even meant. He refered me to these people and I have to say I am thrilled. More clients are coming to us daily. They contact us more easily and that way we have a more clear idea about their wishes and complaints. Also we have moved to top positions in Google. The company information online is updating as quickly as a phone call away. Keep up the good work!"

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