Google places upfront

$599 for building, development and activation of account
$149 a month for places optimisation and account management (ensuring they stay at high rankings for searches)
$29 a month content management fee


Web leasing upfront

$599 for building the site and creating the domain and editing the template to suit business
$49 a month to lease the site ongoing
$69 a month (3+ pages)
$29 a month web content management

These prices do not include GST. Both minimum contracts of 1 year.


If both web leasing and place optimisation

$599 up front and the remaining $599 at $50 a month over their first year, monthly goes from $198 to $248 (plus GST)

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"A friend of mine told me it would be a good idea to use SEO to gain new clients. I had no idea what that even meant. He refered me to these people and I have to say I am thrilled. More clients are coming to us daily. They contact us more easily and that way we have a more clear idea about their wishes and complaints. Also we have moved to top positions in Google. The company information online is updating as quickly as a phone call away. Keep up the good work!"

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